Investing Money to Make Money

by agusdwi

There are many people who are not aware of the secret of ‘sowing money to reap money’. They are of the belief, that investments should only be done to save taxes. What they don’t realize is, if investing is done thoughtfully and systematically, it will always give great returns. But for that, gathering proper knowledge […]

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Best Investments for Retirement

by agusdwi
53Planning for retirement should always start early, and there are several incentives when you start at this right time. There’s a saying, “early bird catches the best worms.” Same is the case with financial investments. If you start saving today, the interest you gain over the long run will be quite high, in comparison to investing at a later date. The best time to start with it is in your 20s, as you have that enthusiasm and drive to work hard and earn more. The best part of investing early is that, with time and a little bit of luck, you can accumulate a lot of money through the compound interest you earn. Mentioned below are some effective investment options that you can choose to make your future safe.

Best Options

Whether you are employed in a company or self-employed, you never know what the future has in store for you. You may meet with emergency situations, wherein you may need to spend thousands of dollars at one go. Yes, you may have insurance coverage or other similar products to cover you, but that may not be enough. So, it’s always important to start investing at a very early stage. Some of the best savings for the same include:

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How to Become a Real Estate Lawyer

by agusdwi
52When it comes to buying or investing in a new property, everyone consults a lawyer also known as real estate attorney. These lawyers not only help you understand property laws, but can also help you find the right house, right dealer, and will also negotiate a price for you. They go through all the legal documents you receive, to see that all your rights are protected. Apart from this, they also let you understand your duties, and help you acquire and maintain all the legal documents regarding the property you are interested in. With increasing frauds in this industry, they come to your rescue and check all the legal documents related to the property, so that you are not cheated by anyone.

To be in this field, you must possess the following qualities:

You should possess good communication skills
Great command on the legal language
Ability to negotiate and a little of convincing skills
The drive to be updated with new laws and amendments in the old laws
Be familiar with variety of legal concepts, practices, and legal procedures
You must possess the qualities of a legal counsel and legal executive

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Adverse Possession

by agusdwi
51There are many rules and regulations regarding acquisition of land by adverse possession. Till today, this method has helped many people own properties around the world without buying them with their own money or making any kinds of investment. In the next section, we shall know more about this method of real estate possession.

When is Adverse Possession Possible?

In order to become an owner of a piece of land by this method, a person needs to actually possess it by physically using it. The claimant must have something to show in court which will prove that he has actually utilized the land. For instance, if as a user of the property that belongs to someone else, the person has paid taxes on it regularly, it might be considered by some courts. There is a statutory period which is the number of years for which the person needs to hold the land in order to claim ownership for it.

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Target-date Funds

by agusdwi
50Target-date funds are a collection of various funds and asset allocation mix for an individual portfolio. They are extremely popular among investors, especially for planning their retirements. The date in the target-date funds implies to the retirement date of the investor or a date where he declines making contribution to the funds. It does not mean that the investor will get the money on the date, but the fund continues to work for the person in retirement. Target-date funds are touted to be as the most low-maintenance retirement funds. As one approaches the age of retirement, it is advisable that he does not invest his money in aggressive and volatile investments. That’s exactly why many people prefer to go with target-date funds as they become more and more conservative once the retirement year starts approaching. However, many people still doubt whether it is good or bad to invest in such funds. Here are a few pros and cons which you should be aware of.


Easy Availability
In 2006, the Pension Protection Act signed by President Bush helped employers to implement these funds as a default option for 401(k). Hence, many major employers today offer their employees target-date funds as a part of their 401(k) package. Apart from your employers, you can also get such fund options from your brokers, banks, mutual fund managers, insurance companies, and trusts.

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